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Authentic Tuscan Gastronomy Guaranteed: Trattoria Da Burde #Food #Wine

If You Want Authentic Tuscan Food, Visit Trattoria Da Burde

I have been to the Tuscan region of Italy, Florence in particular, many times. However, it was only on my last visit that I had the pleasure of visiting Trattoria Da Burde.  The historic Trattoria Da Burde has been around since 1901 cooking the traditional Tuscan fare, which is based on family recipes and flavors that keep everyone coming back.

Da Burde is a place to enjoy a perfect Italian espresso or cappuccino, enjoy delicious antipasto, soups handmade pastas and steaks, buy fresh, cured meats and cheeses from their in-house specialty store, and sip on a nice glass of wine, as they have over 500 wines and champagnes.

From the moment I walked through the doors, all of my senses were awakened. I immediately felt like I was at my grandma’s.  I felt warm and at home.  The Italian banter could be heard all around. Some of the family members, like zio (the uncle), engaged me in conversation, and I, again, felt right at home.  I could smell the olive oil, meats and cheeses, the rosemary, basil, sage, garlic and other Tuscan herbs and spices.  Something was simmering in the kitchen, and the smell was intoxicating.  My mouth began to water in anticipation.

I saw what any wine lover would love-the walls were lined with bottles of wine from the ceiling to floor! It was a most pleasant sight, especially as my eyes began to focus on the vintage years of the bottles.  My mouth watered even more! Now, regarding the things I tasted…forgetaboutit!  I had the privilege of tasting many of the Tuscan specialties, including pappa pomodoro (a tomato soup), farinata di miglio (a Tuscan dish made with chickpeas), panzanella (Tuscan salad made with bread, tomatoes and fresh herbs), melanzana ripiena (stuffed eggplant), peposo all’imprumetina (peppered wine stew), and zuccotto semifreddo (a typical Tuscan dessert cake).  The peposo all’imprumetina was divine with Brunello.  I only wish I had a bigger stomach, because the food was absolutely delicious!

I went to Trattoria Da Burde initially for business with the resident Sommelier, Andrea Gori. However, after business, it was pure gastronomic goodness!  I tasted one Florentine delight after another, and the food just kept coming.  My food was also paired with only the best regional Tuscan wines, (think Brunello) and the best prosecco (think Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore).

The wine list was rather extensive, chock-full of champagne, prosecco and all the regional wines dating back to 70’s vintage years. It is quite probable that they had older vintages as well, considering that the walls were all lined with wine bottles from many vintage years. Moreover, each table had several bottles of wine on it, which served as adornment, contributed to the ambiance and provided fine choices to accompany the food.  It was fascinating!

Da Burde is located outside of the historic city center in Florence, so you won’t just ‘stumble’ upon it. You have to plan to go there. Nevertheless, Da Burde will not disappoint.  It is well worth the trip. Burde is officially my Trattoria of choice in Florence for delicious, authentic Tuscan cooking. The fact that you will find one of the world’s best Sommeliers there, is a huge value added and the icing on the cake!

The next time you find yourself in Florence, and looking for authentic Tuscan food, be sure to visit Trattoria Da Burde (Caffe Burde).

To read our interview with Andrea Gori (sommelier), please see Meet One of Italy’s Top Sommeliers. Per leggere o guardare in Italiano, vedere Un Intervista con Andrea Gori: Sommelier Informatic d’Italia

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