Announcing #Sponsorship of the 32nd Annual Oyster Festival #OysterBay

The Wining Hour to Sponsor the 32nd Oyster Festival October 17-18, 2015

Oyster Bay, N.Y., September 13, 2015-The Wining Hour announces its sponsorship of the 32nd Annual Oyster Festival set for October 17 & 18 in downtown Oyster Bay.  
The Oyster Festival is the East Coast’s largest waterfront festival with more than 200,000 attendees.   The festival is a project of the Oyster Bay Rotary Club and funded by the Oyster Bay Charitable Fund. The Oyster Festival offers new activities and old favorites, including a 5k Run, live entertainment, Tall Ships, top-notch artisans, pirate shows, amusement rides, and the iconic oyster eating and shucking contest. The impressive Food Court offers dozens of unique oyster, clam and other seafood dishes along with traditional festival fare. 
During this year’s Oyster Festival, The Wining Hour will join the festivities with items from our wine boutique.  We will feature and present our wine-ware to festival-goers.  Additionally, TWH will be conducting raffles and giveaways.  According to The Wining Hour’s spokesperson, L. Lane, “We are so excited to be a sponsor for the Oyster Festival.  The amount of people that flock to this festival is amazing.  This particular event holds a special place in my heart.  I attend the Oyster Festival every year. I live here and work here.  I will be around neighbors, friends and family.  The Wining Hour will be right at home!”  
About Oyster Bay, NY
Oyster Bay is one of the most beautiful and historic villages on the North Shore of Long Island and part of its well known Gold Coast. Oyster Bay (Sagamore Hill) is where the 26th President, Theodore Roosevelt, spent his very first summer, vacationed, lived and was later buried.  Oyster Bay is home to the Theodore Roosevelt Bird Sanctuary and other natural and wild life preserves, like the Planting Fields Arboretum.  As there is much more to learn about historic Oyster Bay, please visit:

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The Wining Hour writes about wine, Italy and global travel.  The Wining Hour boutique caters to wine-lovers across the globe by offering all wine-related items.  The Wining Hour markets unique wine décor and furnishings, accessories, glassware, barware, wine racks, storage and cooling options, games, gifts and more.
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