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Top 10 Gifts Ideas for Wine Lovers

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Shopping for yourself means different things to different people.  According to one of my colleagues, “Shopping is my god-given right…It’s what I deserve!”  To others, shopping for themselves can be like work. This is only magnified when it is time to shop for someone else and you have to discern their likes and/or dislikes. What if the person you’re shopping for happens to be a wine lover? What would a wine lover want? What would a wine lover need?  Is there anything else, other than wine that would make a nice gift?

Drum roll, please….

Relax, you do not have to face this dilemma alone…We are here to help lessen the stress of having to shop for both yourself AND for others.  There are certain things that shoppers need to consider.  We have provided some basic questions to help you get started and we’ve also curated a great gift list.

Here is The Wining Hour’s Criteria to employ when gift-shopping:

1. Need-Ask yourself, What does this person need?  What do they need, but don’t have?
2. Want-Ask yourself, What does this person want?  What have they been mentioning?
3. Tastes-Ask yourself, What does this person like? What matches their personality, interest, hobby?
4. Decor-Ask yourself, What would go with their decor?  Which color, which theme, which style?
5. Novelty-Ask yourself, Is this item unique? or Is this something I can just find anywhere?

Using that criteria, we have curated 10 wine items that will make great gifts for someone who loves wine. These items, which will suit a range of budgets and are not in any particular order, are what many people need and/or want, suits their tastes and decor and are unique:

1. ZinZig Wine Tasting and Trivia Game$37.99 If you like wine, this game is for you.  Not only is it fun, but it is also informative.  You will certainly be the life of the party or any social gathering with this wine game. This game includes: 6 winemaker pieces, 3 bottle covers for the blind wine tasting, a wine tasting guide, 9 winery deeds, 250 trivia cards, 50 blind wine tasting cards, and one die. 

2. Riedel Bliss Decanter-$190 The Bliss Decanter is handmade and mouth-blown of 24% lead crystal by the renowned Riedel master Glass makers, making each decanter a unique work of art. This decanter makes the list of the Top 7 Decanters In the World as curated by @SocialVignerons.

3. Wine Gift Baskets$-$$$ Wine gift baskets are always a good choice.  Plain and simple, who doesn’t want a basket full of all kinds of treats and goodness, that may have 1-4 bottles of wine and/or champagne???? 

4. Wine Barrel Cork Cage-$25 The Wine Barrel Cork Cage is both a creative and memorable solution for your cork collection. It is crafted from metal with multi-colored glass accents.  Not only will this cork cage hold your corks, but it can also display a bottle of wine! There are other cork storage options too.

5. Wine Enthusiast Wine Cooler$270 This wine refrigerator allows you to store and serve your wine from 2 separate zones! This thermoelectric, energy-efficient, CFC-free wine cooler, which can hold up to 18 bottles, protects the taste of both reds and whites. It has a convenient touchscreen temperature control and a reflective
smoked-glass door.

6.  Half Barrel Wine Bottle Rack-$525 This wine rack is hand-made in the USA from reclaimed oak wine barrels.  The shelves are removable for additional storage capacity. Using 1 shelf, each rack holds up to 32 bottles, and using 2 shelves, each rack holds up to 27 bottles. These are also sold in sets of 3.

7.  The Wine Check Bag-$69.99 This is THE gift for anyone who loves travel and wine.  The Wine Check Bag is really a wine travel suitcase that enables you to safely and efficiently check your wine in stead of having to ship it home. The Wine Check can hold 12 bottles and it stays under the 50 lb. airline weight limit for luggage! The Wine Check is collapsible and reusable, so you can store it and use it whenever you want to take wine with you.

8.  Cellini Red Wine Glasses$40.99 Beautiful 12.oz red wine glasses that would decorate and liven up any table. These are also available stemless.

9.  Chill Deluxe Cooling Pour Spout$27.99 This cooling pour spout allows you to cool, pour & preserve your wine with ease. It is stored in the freezer until you are ready to chill your wine and placed in your wine bottle when you want it chilled. Voila! Additional chiller sticks can be found at:

10. Coravin Wine Access System-$299 Coravin allows you to

taste your wine, while preserving it for a later date.  Taste your 
favorite wine without pulling the cork and opening the bottle. 

Although we are featuring these items, there are many other items that would make great gift choices.

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Do you have a favorite wine gift item to give at holidays?

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