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Gifts for Women Who Love Wine

Ladies, ladies, ladies…we probably don’t really need this article, but, just in case, we’re going to post it anyway. We have all been in a situation where we need to buy a gift for a fellow winelover woman, and we were unsure of what to buy.  Do we get her favorite bottle?  A case? Tickets to a wine event? Decisions, decisions.  What do you buy a woman who loves wine?

We have posted some ideas to help you with those decisions and to get you started.  Here is a small list of things that would be ideal for the woman who loves wine.  Below, you will also find some things to take into consideration when shopping for gifts in general.

Here is The Wining Hour’s Criteria to employ when gift-shopping:

1. Need-Ask yourself, What does this person need?  What do they need, but don’t have?
2. Want-Ask yourself, What does this person want?  What have they been mentioning?
3. Tastes-Ask yourself, What does this person like? What matches their personality, interest, hobby?
4. Decor-Ask yourself, What would go with their decor?  Which color, which theme, which style?
5. Novelty-Ask yourself, Is this item unique? or Is this something I can just find anywhere?

Using that criteria, we have curated 5 wine items that will make great gifts for women who love wine. These items, which will suit a range of budgets and are not in any particular order, are what many people need and/or want, suits their tastes and decor and are unique:

1. Stiletto Wine Bottle Holder-$28 This lust red sequin stiletto shoe bottle holder shows you are a fashionista as well as a wine lover. It is also available in black ($25), as shown in the photo. They both hold standard sized wine bottles.

2. Cork Cage Handbag -$28 What lady doesn’t like a good handbag? Display and store your cork collection in something uniquely stylish and fun!

3. Wine Flight Tasting Set-$25 These delightful mini-decanters have the classic decanter shape, a wide base and flared opening.  They are just the thing for sharing with your friends. Each decanter is designed to hold 250ml. The white ceramic tray holds and carries all 3 decanters.

4. Napa Wine Soaps (Boxed Set of 3)-$30 This soaps smell absolutely delicious and will delight your senses like no other! Featuring 3 fragrant bar soaps with thick and creamy suds, this gift set is perfect for your kitchen or bathroom.  Handmade in Napa, each bar is poured and wrapped in flower petal paper and tied with a ribbon. Each set includes 3 6-oz. bars of the following (red wine) fragrances: Clean-O Noir, Cabernet Soapignon and Figs & Zinfandel.  They are made with grapeseed oil and wine (an antioxidant), and beautifully presented in a wooden gift box.  Note: These soaps are also available in a white wine boxed set, a set of 6 and sold individually. Priced accordingly.

5. Vinturi Aerator and Tower Set-$60 Vinturi delivers perfect aeration and the elegant Red Wine Tower cradles complements Vinturi aerators and accents any table, counter-top, or home bar. This is not only a great gift, it’s a stylish and economical gift for red wine drinkers.

BonusZinZig Wine Tasting and Trivia Game$37.99 
If you like wine, this game is for you.  Not only is it fun, but it is also informative.  You will certainly be the life of the party or any social gathering with this wine game. This game includes: 6 winemaker pieces, 3 bottle covers for the blind wine tasting, a wine tasting guide, 9 winery deeds, 250 trivia cards, 50 blind wine tasting cards, and one die. This was also featured in 10 Gifts to Wow the Winelover in Your Life, but it would certainly make for a fun gathering for the girls or Ladies Night get-together.

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Do you have a favorite wine gift item to give at holidays?

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