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Wine Gum for Lovers of All Things Wine

As lovers of the vine, we seek out all things vinous and the markets have not disappointed. From main courses made with wine to wine-infused cupcakes, cookies and candy bars-wine is what we want.  What happens when those items are not available and it’s just not a conducive wine-drinking setting?  What can you do?  You can pop some wine gum in your mouth and call it a day.  That’s right, we said it-wine gum.
Wine Gum is a sensational sensory wine experience.  According to its creators, wine gum gives you the chance to “experience your senses all working together; a smell sensation, a tasting and the after-taste…Our design intensifies the perception of wine by pouring it into a new edible form.”  The Real Wine Gum is a “luxury adult food and aims to achieve the taste of that first sip wine in a new way, without actually drinking.” So when you can’t relax by drinking some wine-you can eat it.

Behind The Scenes of The Real Wine Gum

Marleen Teters and Mireille Reuling, the creators, used their love for wine and their business expertise to create Vinoos by AMS, which makes The Real Wine Gum. It was interesting to learn that The Real WINE gum originated as part of an ART Experience installation. Mireille Reuling, who is a conceptual designer (3D and New Media) in Amsterdam, developed a 3D art installation called The Wine Xperience in 2012. She wanted to achieve ‘The relaxed feel of the first sip of wine, without actually drinking it.” Her experiment was designed in a way for the spectator to utilize all of their senses. It was a combination of sources for inspiration: Visual Arts, Theater, Food & Drinks and Entrepreneurship. This Wine Xperience installation experiment gave birth to The Real Wine Gum. 

The Real WINE Gum is currently available in Merlot Red & White Chardonnay, although the founders are working on additional flavors and options. Wine gum is suitable for vegetarians and it is gluten, fat, nuts, gelatin and lactose free. It also contains no artificial coloring. 

The Wining Hour’s Tastes Wine Gum!

We tried both the Chardonnay and Merlot flavored Wine Gum.  The Chardonnay Wine Gum had fruity, pineapple notes similar to a Lifesaver candy.  On the other hand, the Merlot Wine Gum was more flavorful and reminiscent of real wine flavors.  It should be noted that The Real Wine Gum does not contain alcohol and has more of a gummy bear consistency, than that of an actual wine gum. The Real Wine Gum is not chewy like gum and does not have the same viscoelasticity as gum, as we know it.  Nevertheless, it makes a good, fruity snack and can provide the wine taste that many of us crave on the palate.  It was exciting to taste The Real Wine Gum, as it’s a novel idea and one that gum and candy lovers alike, who are also wine lovers will enjoy.  Thanks Marleen!

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