A #WiningHourChat with Katarina Andersson of #WinesofItaly

Conversing with Katarina

When you combine brains, drive, innovation, initiative and a passion for wine, you get Katarina Andersson. She is truly a powerhouse in the world of Italian wines. Katarina is the Founder of the #WinesofItaly livestream and the Founder of Grapevine Adventures.  Although we are good friends, I had the pleasure of having her as a guest on #WiningHourChat last month.  We decided to follow-up with our interview, in case you missed it!
Katarina has lived in Florence, Italy for the past 17 years. Although she is originally from Sweden, she totally knows her way around Italy and Italian wines.  First, we talked about her livestream. The #WinesofItaly livestream was created to educate, to draw attention to and to promote the various wines, varietals and indigenous grapes of Italy. Katarina gives highlights lesser known wineries, gives a voice to smaller producers and helps us to discover some of Italy’s gems. Her goal was to do so in an non-pretentious manner, but instead, one that is easy-going and cool to talk and communicate about Italian wine, history and traditions.  I inquired about her inspiration, challenges and passions. Some of her responses were videos, which help others to see more of her personality. Here’s what we discussed: 

#WiningHourChat: Benvenuto Katarina. You produce #WinesofItaly. What inspired you to do so?

Katarina: Video Response Re: What inspired me to do #WinesofItaly

Photo: Monte Sasso by Katarina Andersson

#WiningHourChat: What’s in your glass tonight? A Tuscan wine?

Katarina: Tonight I had Monte Sasso, a Romagna DOC Sangiovese from Braschi Vini. This is a smooth and elegant wine.  So, it’s not a Tuscan wine in my glass tonight, but almost. Romagna is very close, and still it was a Sangiovese wine.  Sangiovese di Romagna is a different terroir, lighter perhaps not as much longevity, but still complex.  The guys at Braschi Vigne and Vine are great.  You can find them also on my #WinesOfItaly on my FaceBook page with same name. 

#WiningHourChat: What are some challenges you’ve faced with your #WinesofItaly livestream?

Katarina: In regards to the technical side, you have to be flexible. Sometimes things just don’t work well, such as the internet, the sound, or the webcam.  Often in the beginning it was hard finding people to want to be guests. Sometimes I felt a bit desperate… Luckily, I have Livio at La Divina Enoteca, my sommelier friend, who helps out a lot to be guest and co-host. Also, it has been hard sometimes to do all on my own, checking both Facebook and Twitter for questions from followers, etc. Well, with time it got easier. The more #WinesOfItaly episodes I did, the more I was recognized, and it was easier to convince guests.  It’s a great way to interact and connect with people. Though there are things that you just cannot control, you need to be real and people love you for that.

#WiningHourChat We can certainly agree with and identify with that!  Now…Katarina, you are a woman of many talents. Tell us about #GrapeVineAdventures and what else you do.

Katarina: Video Response Re: Tell us about Grapevine Adventures and what you do. 

Via GrapeVine Adventures, Katarina is also a writer, blogger, translator, social media strategist and facilitator of/at wine gatherings.

#WiningHourChat:  Lastly, if you were blending your own Italian wine, which varietals would you blend?

Katarina: Hmm, difficult.  I am more of a single variety type of person. However, I like Sangiovese blended with local varietals. For example, Foglia Tonda, Mammolo, or perhaps Vermentino Nero. The same for grapes from other regions, I guess I would say a blend of local grapes. I am not much for adding international grapes.  But, I do enjoy all types of wines, also international style wines.

We also talked briefly regarding trends in the wine industry.

Katarina: Many Italian denominations have been a bit corrupted by allowing Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon, etc., in my opinion . There is a new indigenous trend, going back to the roots…which is very interesting.
I noticed this as well, as many winemakers in Chianti do not feel that it is authentic to add these other varietals..but that is a separate conversation.  This one was just to learn more about Katarina Andersson.  
Anyone interested in Italian wines should know Katatrina and check out GrapeVine Adventures and #WinesofItaly. We were happy to feature her on #WiningHourChat. Follow her on Twitter @Ricasoli99

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