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Wining Hour Feature: Saracosa Vermentino di Toscana

This month, I’ve decided to feature a refreshing Italian white wine. This selection is Saracosa, which is a Vermentino di Toscana. Saracosa is from the Barbanera family, specifically Sofia Barbanera, in Tuscany. Saracosa may sound familiar, because it shares the name with its sister wine, the popular Saracosa Governo Red wine. Nevertheless, its a perfect time to learn about this mouthwatering white wine.

Our company is located at the foot of Mount Cetona (Siena), in a territory – the Tuscan one – as beautiful as it is generous, famous throughout the world for its great grapes. Still today we work inspired by our past, strengthened by the history we carry behind us, by a legacy that every day stimulates us to overcome obstacles, increase the quality level of a production process rooted in tradition, but always and in any case. conceived and completed according to innovation. ~Barbanera Vini

Barbanera Vini has been making delicious wines in their Tuscan estate since 1938. “Our family’s passion for wine has been preserved over the years, reaching the fourth generation today. Each of us has breathed it since childhood and today more than ever it has become a job that makes us look to the future, aware of our past and of the traditions handed down.” This wine, in particular, comes from winemaker Sofia Barbanera, and it’s her first white wine. The wine is named for the Saracosa Hill, near Montalcino, which is a perfect location for sun worship and for producing Vermentino.

Vermentino, which is identical to Pigato in Liguria, does really well along the Tuscan coastal areas. Vermentino thrives in warm, sunny climates near the sea. Typically, Vermentino is straw yellow with notes of tropical fruit and distinctive minerality.

As I stated, I have been a fan of the Super Tuscan, Saracosa Governo, so this Vermentino was a no-brainer. It just had to be good!
Saracosa Governo Vermentino di Toscana has intense, fruity aromas of bright orchid fruit (peach) and zesty citrus (lemon). Savory herbal aromas are also evident. Fresh acidity and salinity from the Tuscan coast. Crisp mineral notes and bright fruit. Refreshing and delicious with a salad, but also perfect alone. 12.5% ABV

Have you tasted Saracosa Vermentino? What are your thoughts on Vermentino in general?

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