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  • Wine Accessories and Gifts

    5 Wine Gifts for Dog & Cat Lovers #Wine #Gifts

    These Gifts are for the #Winelover & #Petlover in You Plain and simple, if you love wine and love your dog and/or cat, then read on. There’s no denying that our pets are a big part of our lives. Wine is also a big part of our lives. I think most of us are familiar with the infamous explanation, “It’s not drinking alone if the dog (or cat) is home.”  In some households, this refers to the dog and cat…and the fish and birds.  In any case, our pets are our partners.  They are always there, faithfully standing by us and supporting us.  We love them!Here is a curated list…

  • Wine Accessories and Gifts

    5 Wine Gifts for HIM #Wine #Gifts

    Gifts for Guys Who Love Wine  Let’s begin by saying that although this is entitled “Gifts for HIM,” these are gifts that SHE may enjoy as well…and there’s nothing wrong with that. Now, have you been in a position where you just don’t know what to get him?  Well, we have put together a small list of things that would be great ideas for the guy who loves wine.  We also included some things to consider when shopping for gifts. Here is The Wining Hour’s Criteria to employ when gift-shopping: 1. Need-Ask yourself, What does this person need?  What do they need, but don’t have?2. Want-Ask yourself, What does this person want?  What have they been…

  • Wine Accessories and Gifts

    5 #Wine Gifts for HER #Wine #Gifts

    Gifts for Women Who Love Wine Ladies, ladies, ladies…we probably don’t really need this article, but, just in case, we’re going to post it anyway. We have all been in a situation where we need to buy a gift for a fellow winelover woman, and we were unsure of what to buy.  Do we get her favorite bottle?  A case? Tickets to a wine event? Decisions, decisions.  What do you buy a woman who loves wine? We have posted some ideas to help you with those decisions and to get you started.  Here is a small list of things that would be ideal for the woman who loves wine.  Below,…

  • Wine Accessories and Gifts

    10 Gifts to Wow the #WineLover In Your Life #Gifts

    Top 10 Gifts Ideas for Wine Lovers Barrel Stave Wine Bottle Holder Shopping for yourself means different things to different people.  According to one of my colleagues, “Shopping is my god-given right…It’s what I deserve!”  To others, shopping for themselves can be like work. This is only magnified when it is time to shop for someone else and you have to discern their likes and/or dislikes. What if the person you’re shopping for happens to be a wine lover? What would a wine lover want? What would a wine lover need?  Is there anything else, other than wine that would make a nice gift? Drum roll, please…. Relax, you do…

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