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    Ripe Life Wines: A Woman with A Grape Idea #Wine

    The Road to A Ripe Life Ripe Life Wines: Clambake Chardonnay While some of us have good ideas, others have great ideas.  Mary McAuley is one such person who not only had a “grape” idea, but a great idea.  As she was accustomed to eating coastal cuisine in the Northeast, she decided to launch her own line of wines, Ripe Life Wines, as an accompaniment.  As a fellow Northeasterner who lives on an island with an abundance of fresh fish and seafood, I can certainly appreciate a good wine to accompany my oysters, clams, and other fruits of the sea.  This was one of the things that caught my attention…

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    Meet one of Italy’s Top Sommeliers: Andrea Gori #wine

    The Wining Hour Speaks with a World Renown Sommelier Andrea Gori is a sommelier. However, he is not just any sommelier.  Andrea Gori is one of the most influential figures in the world of wine.  In fact, he is listed among the top twenty influential figures in the world regarding wine on the web, is in the top 3 in Italy and has the most widely watched channel in Italy.There’s more.  Andrea Gori is also a host, journalist, writer, curator, professor, organizer and founder of the God Save The Wine event, member of the Foundation of Italian Sommeliers, blogger (creator of Dissapore and Intavino) and much, much more, as this…

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    Un Intervista Con Andrea Gori: Sommelier Informatico d’Italia #Italy

    The Wining Hour Parla con Andrea Gori Andrea Gori è un sommelier. Tuttavia, egli non è un qualsiasi sommelier.  Andrea Gori è una delle figure più influente nel mondo del vino.  In realtà, egli è elencato tra le migliori venti influenti figure per quanto riguarda il vino sul web, è delle 3 in Italia e ha il canale più visto del vino in Italia. C’è più.  Andrea Gori è anche un oste, giornalista, scrittore, curatore, professore, Organizzatore e Fondatore dell’evento God Save The Wine, membro della Fondazione di Italiana Sommelier, blogger (creatore di Dissapore e Intavino) e molto, molto di più, come questo è lontano da un elenco esaustivo.  Per…

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