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    Southern Italian Wines take Center Stage at Radici del Sud

    Showcasing Southern Italy While most people are familiar with the wines of Central Italy and Tuscany (Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino, Super Tuscans, Trebbiano, etc.) and those of Northern Italy (Barolo, Barbaresco, Amarone, etc.), the wines of Southern Italy are lesser known. The fact that Italy has over 500 grape varieties, making it that much more challenging. Yet, winemakers, wine tasters, journalists and many others are doing their part to promote wines of the south.  Radici del Sud is one such organization. Since 2005, Radici del Sud endeavors to shine the spotlight on Southern Italy by featuring wines produced from native grapes in Puglia, Basilicata, Campania, Calabria and Sicily.  Radici del…

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    A Quaint and Peaceful #Pasqua in #Pienza

    Wine, Food and Feste di Pasqua a Pienza, Italy Pasqua, which refers to Easter or Passover in Italy, is commemorated across the peninsula in several different fashions. Recognized as a national holiday because it is the most important Catholic holiday celebrated in Italy, there are many traditions and rituals associated with Pasqua that vary by region. Most are familiar with the Easter celebrations in Rome and the Vatican that bring in multitudes to see the Pope, to worship and to feel the ambiance.  However, Rome is not the only place to be at this time of year.  Pienza, one of my favorite towns in the Tuscan region of Italy, is a delightful and quaint…

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    Picturesque Pienza: The Ideal Renaissance Town #Travel

    An Italian Pearl: Pienza Pienza, the picturesque Italian town, originally known as the village of Corsignano, is in Val d’Orcia, between Montepulciano and Montelcino, close to and south of Siena.  Pienza is the birthplace and home of Enea Silvio Piccolomini,  a Renaissance Humanist who later became Pope Pius II in 1458. The Renaissance, known as the period (14th-17th Century) in which Europe experienced a great cultural rebirth, which manifested itself in the marvelous art, architecture, sculptures and literature of the period. Humanism, or human perspective, was the philosophy that permeated the art world at that time.  In 1949, Pope Pius II used his money, power and influence to commission the rebuilding and renaming of his…

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    Travel Spotlight: Ghetto di Roma #Italy #Travel

    Exploring the Jewish Ghettos of Rome As a frequent visitor of Rome and Italy in general, it was both very interesting and moving to explore the area of Rome known as Ghetto di Roma. Ghetto di Roma is located within the heart of the Porto d’Ottavia, just south of the Campo di Fiori part of Rome. Rome has a Jewish ghetto? Who new? Well, not only has it been around since 1555, but it is still a thriving Jewish community and place of interest frequented by many tourists today. Due to Church mandates in 1555, all Jews were required to live in this ghetto section of Rome. It was located…

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