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    A Peek at Psâgot Wines of Israel

    Psâgot Wines Wines Keeping the Tradition and Taste  Wait, wines of Israel?  Yes. For some, Israel is a lesser known region in terms of wine.  However, Israel has been producing wine since biblical times. The land of Israel is noted in the bible for having fruits of the vine and wine was exported from Israel and on trade routes. Today, there are five Israeli wine-producing regions: Galil (Galilee, including the Golan Heights), the Judean Hills, surrounding the city of Jerusalem, the Negev, a semi-arid desert region, Shimshon (Samson) and the Sharon plain (Samaria) near the Mediterranean coast, surrounding the towns of Zichron Ya’akov and Binyamina.  As many celebrate Passover, Easter and other…

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