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    The Wining Hour Summer Wine Down

    Ok, ok. I know it’s been a while. This summer has been chock-full of events (both personal and business), as well as lots of travel. Basically, my summer has been non-stop! Nevertheless, as summer is winding down, I thought it would be a good time to jump back in and share a few Wining Hour highlights with you.  Events & Happenings Great Wines of the World NYC Tasting James’s Suckling’s (NY) Great Wines of the World is a two-day walk-around tasting that affords the opportunity to literally discover and taste some of the best wines in the world! The event features over 35 of the best wine-growing areas and more…

  • Mexico

    Getting Acquainted with the Mexican Wine Regions #Wine #Travel

    Viva Mexico: Viva Mexican Wines! Mexico is typically known as a place for Spring Break and the infamous Girls Gone Wild. However, if you’ve ever traveled there, you would know that this beautiful country, located just north of the Central American border, has much more to offer.  For starters, Mexico’s geography is very diverse, as it includes mountains, protected natural areas and biospheres and bountiful beaches with the bluest waters.  Mexico is home to the Aztec and Mayan ruins of Teotihuacán and Chichen Itza, has a major economy that produces oil and is the world’s largest producer of silver.  Moreover, that’s not all-Mexico has a growing wine industry.  In fact,…

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