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    Discovering the Douro Hospitality with Bulas Family Estates

    A Warm, Wine Welcome at Bulas Estates It has been said that first impressions are everything.  First impressions set the tone for the rest of the relationship and/or experience.  When I traveled to Portugal, I stopped in Lisbon and I did also spend a day or so seeing the lively city of Porto.  However, when my visit to the Douro Valley of Portugal commenced with Team Douro, the Bulas Family Estates facilitated my first real experience with the land, the people, the food and the wines.  To say that I was blown away or impressed, would be an understatement.  Perhaps, awestruck, astounded, or even flabbergasted are better choices to describe…

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    Discovering the Douro with CARM Vinhos

    CARM Winery: Douro Superior at its Best Exploring a wine region is not an easy task, but someone has to do it.  Since I love my friends and fellow winelovers, I was elated to sacrifice and learn more about the Douro Region of Portugal (for them, of course).  As with any wine region, there are usually different sub-zones and territories.  The Douro is no different.  The Douro Region has three sub-regions: Douro Superior, Baixo Corgo and Cima Corgo.  As part of a Team Douro wine tour, I was able to see, discover and taste the best of the Douro.  My visit included a tasting and lunch at CARM in Douro Superior. CARM,…

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    Discovering the Douro Wines of Portugal

    Have you Discovered the Douro Wine Region of Portugal? The Douro Valley, located in Northern Portugal, plays a very important role in the global wine industry, not only as a major producer of choice wines, but also as the home of one of the best dessert wines in the world-Port. The beauty of the Douro Valley is virtually unmatched, as the characteristic steep hillsides of the region stand out starkly contrasting the Douro River, which the region is named after, winding along the landscape. In fact, the landscape is a reason why the region is classified as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. Interestingly, the Douro is one of the…

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