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    The Marvels of Montemaggio Vini #Organic #Wine

    The Distinctive Wines of Montemaggio  Photo from Fattoria di MonteMaggio  The Tuscan region in Italy is chock full of rich tradition, history, culture, food and wine.  There is an overwhelming amount of wineries in Tuscany, and Chianti, the jewel of the wine country, produces one marvelous wine after the next.  How does one decide which wines to taste and which wineries to visit?  While it is nice to taste and visit them all, there are some that should not be missed. Montemaggio is one of them. Located in Radda in Chianti, which is in the heart of the Chianti Classico region between Siena and Florence, is the magnificent Montemaggio Estate.…

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    Picturesque Pienza: The Ideal Renaissance Town #Travel

    An Italian Pearl: Pienza Pienza, the picturesque Italian town, originally known as the village of Corsignano, is in Val d’Orcia, between Montepulciano and Montelcino, close to and south of Siena.  Pienza is the birthplace and home of Enea Silvio Piccolomini,  a Renaissance Humanist who later became Pope Pius II in 1458. The Renaissance, known as the period (14th-17th Century) in which Europe experienced a great cultural rebirth, which manifested itself in the marvelous art, architecture, sculptures and literature of the period. Humanism, or human perspective, was the philosophy that permeated the art world at that time.  In 1949, Pope Pius II used his money, power and influence to commission the rebuilding and renaming of his…

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    There’s Rosé Under the Tuscan Sun Too!

    Rosé from the Rolling Hills of Tuscany With so much to eat, drink, see and do and such rich history, where does one begin when writing about Tuscany?! Tuscany a marvelous region in central Italy that borders Liguria to the northwest, Emilia-Romagna to the north and east, Umbria to the east and Lazio to the southeast.  It stretches from the Apennines to the Tyrrhenian Sea and consists of the provinces of Arezzo, Florence (the capital), Grosseto, Livorno, Lucca, Massa-Carrara, Pisa, Pistoia, Prato and Siena.  Tuscany, specifically Florence, is known as the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance and the home of many influential figures in terms of banking and finance (think The…

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    Wine, Olive Oil and Regency at Principe Corsini

    Principe Corsini: Wine and a Rich, Regal History  Principe Corsini Villa Le Corti WineryChianti, Tuscany “I try to make elegant wines, where refinement prevails over excess structure, wines that subtly seduce like a beautiful landscape, or the exchange of two people who use the same nuances in their speech, their glances. Wines that invite you to the table, to enjoy the company. Wines to drink.” ~Duccio Corsini Corsini Family Crest at Principe Corsini Winery Principe Corsini Winery Principe Corsini has two locations in Tuscany, Italy: Villa Le Corti in Chianti, and Tenuta Marsiliana in Maremma. Duccio Corsini, is the Grand Innovator or Founder of Principe Corsini. At both of their locations,…

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