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    Chiaretto di Bardolino-How Italians do Dry Rosé

    Lesser known, but Bardolino Chiaretto Measures Up Photo Credit: Garda Concierge Beautiful Bardolino is a resort village in the province of Veneto, Italy, approximately 25 kilometers from Verona and on the southeastern shore of Lake Garda.  There are many things to see and do in terms of food, wine and travel in this delightful village.  While highlighting a few, I’ll begin with what Bardolino is known for-it’s Italian dry rosé known as Chiaretto. Chiaretto is a dry, crisp rosé wine, dating back to the 19th Century.  Chiaro, in Italian, denotes a color that is clear, pale or light.  This is the perfect name for Chiaretto, as it has a pale…

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    Soave-mente, Bacciame! Getting Intimate with Soave

    A Soave Love Story Let’s just cut to the chase–I’m in love with three different Soaves.  What’s worse, is that they are all from the same part of town.  I suppose I have been out playing the vineyards, but I never intended for this to happen.  In order for you to understand my predicament, I should go back to the beginning.  I’ll start by sharing some background about Soave and a little about the characteristics that I found so attractive. Castello Scaligero Soave, which denotes gentle, soft or mild in Italian, is a good place to start.  While it may seem soft or mild, this smooth character gently travels down your…

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    Soave, The Scene, the Sights and the Sips-A Preview

    A Medieval Village, A Wine Region, A Way of Life This month, the #ItalianFWT (Italian Food, Wine & Travel) Group is featuring Soave. Do you know Soave? Soave is a few things: a traditional Italian village, a wine and a way of life.  Soave is located in Italy’s northeastern region of Veneto.  Surrounded by it’s beautiful Medieval walls with twenty-four towers, the village of Soave is home to approximately 7000 people. At the heart of this Medieval village is Castello Scaligero, the immense and iconic 10th century castle that dominates the landscape. Soave Castle, Castello Scaligero Soave is also characterized by its hills, gentle slopes and ample greenery with a…

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    Uncovering Corvina With Vigneti Villabella

    Food and Wine at Villa Cordevigo Photo Credit: Villa Cordevigo Tiziano Delibori and Franco Cristoforetti (President of Consorzio) In an attempt to further kick off our discovery of Chiaretto, the Consorzio Di Tutela Vino Bardolino facilitated a ‘light lunch’ followed by a Corvina wine tasting.  Our lunch took place at Villa Cordevigo located in Cavaion Veronese, the heart of Bardolino Classico, on the east side of Lake Garda. Villa Cordevigo is an enchanting eighteenth century manor house offering accommodations complete with vineyards, olive groves and a chapel. The Villa also promotes the estates’ wines. Vigneti Villabella, the estate winery, was founded in 1971 by Walter Delibori and Giorgio Cristoforetti. Today,…

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    The Lake Effect: Lake Garda’s Impact on Chiaretto

    Chiaretto, a Product of its Terroir About Chiaretto Chiaretto another Italian varietal that is on the rise and will surprise. Chiaretto (key-ar-et-toh) is a very pale, crisp, dry rosé wine produced around Lake Garda, which is about 30 minutes from beautiful Verona, in Northern Italy.  Its production spans the provinces of Verona in the region of Veneto and Brescia in Lombardy.  Chiaretto’s origins date back to the 19th century and the Chiaretto DOC was created by Pompeo Molmenti in 1896, who applied what he learned about rosé vinification in France. In Italian, the name Chiaretto is derived from “chiaro,” which means light or pale, and the process of making Chiaretto,…

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