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    Authenticity And Quality Is All About Sustainability

     Combating Climate Change Sustainability at Torre Bisenzio By Katarina Andersson and Li Valentine Climate change has been a defining issue for several years now, and is weighing heavily upon the minds of many. Climate change and/or global warming, leading to changes in the average temperatures and amount of rainfall has been significantly impacting almost every industry. From fishing, farming/agriculture and forestry to energy, insurance and tourism, companies big and small are tasked with finding ways to survive. The wine industry is certainly not immune and has its share of challenges. Problems range from water shortages or too much rain/water, extremes in hot and cold temperatures and shortened or extended seasons,…

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    Step Up Your Game with Altaneve Prosecco Superiore

    Altaneve, Bubbles that Rise Above the Rest Sparkling wine is fun, fashionable and just delicious. One such sparkling wine is Prosecco, the popular Italian sparkling wine, which is everywhere these days. In fact, this year marks the 50th anniversary of the Prosecco region as a whole, and the 10th Anniversary of Prosecco Superiore! Sounds like a party to me. We’ll be celebrating with our friends in the #ItalianFWT group. Did you know that last year, Prosecco surpassed Champagne, not in terms of volume, but in terms of production and consumption? Although price is likely a factor, according to The Associated Press, Prosecco’s production “eclipsed Champagne’s five years ago and is…

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    It’s Primavera, Perfect for Tramari Rosé of Primitivo

    Primitivo can be Crisp and Refreshing too! Primavera, or spring, in Italian, is so much more than the end of the winter season.  Primavera or spring signals life, rebirth, renewal and rejuvenation.  Spring is a time for longer sunlight hours and warmer weather. Animals come out of hibernation and nature follows suit by growing and flourishing. Flora and fauna emerge everywhere. While flowers are growing and birds are singing, winelovers are thinking about wines to reinvigorate their palate.  I found just the thing-Tramari Rosé of Primitivo. Tramari Rosé of Primitivo is produced by Cantine San Marzano of Puglia. San Marzano is a village located in the Primitivo di Manduria DOC…

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    Feel the Heel with these 10 Primitivos

    Ten Must-Try Bottles of Primitivo di Manduria Manduria, Puglia c/o Consorzio di Tutela Primitivo di Manduria An early ripening grape variety known as Primitivo, or Primitivus in Latin, produces a beautiful wine that every winelover should experience. It is genetically identical to Zinfandel, as well as the Croatian grape, Crljenak Kastelanski. So, you like the flavor profiles in these grapes, you’re in the right place.  There is no secret, though, if you want good, authentic Primitivo, you go to Puglia.  Puglia, located in the Southeastern part of Italy, forming the heel of the Italian boot, is major producer of Primitivo and it is considered one of their most distinguished red…

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    Erminio Campa, A Pearl in Primitivo di Manduria

    Pure, Primitive and Palate Pleasing Pure, unadulterated Primitivo.  That’s what you get when you sip a glass of Erminio Campa Primitivo di Manduria.  I had the pleasure of visiting Erminio Campa Viticoltore on a Press Tour to explore the Manduria region of Puglia.  I was immediately drawn to their wines, as it was love at first taste!  I knew I wanted to learn more. Interacting with Ermino Campa Ermino, Francescoand Valentino Campa Erminio Campa is a fantastic wine producer in Puglia, located in Taranto, in the municipality of Torricella.  This is a typical area of Primitivo di Manduria, about 3 km from the Ionian Sea. The vineyards have been in…

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