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    Discovering the Douro Wines of Portugal

    Have you Discovered the Douro Wine Region of Portugal? The Douro Valley, located in Northern Portugal, plays a very important role in the global wine industry, not only as a major producer of choice wines, but also as the home of one of the best dessert wines in the world-Port. The beauty of the Douro Valley is virtually unmatched, as the characteristic steep hillsides of the region stand out starkly contrasting the Douro River, which the region is named after, winding along the landscape. In fact, the landscape is a reason why the region is classified as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. Interestingly, the Douro is one of the…

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    Visiting Valpolicella and Cantina Negrar

    The Historic Viticulture of Valpolicella Valpolicella Valpolicella is a historic region that is always at the forefront when discussing Italian wines and when discussing the best wine producers in the world. Located in north of Verona, in the Veneto district of Italy, this region is steeped in a rich viticultural history and a love for all things wine. Valpolicella is separated from Bardolino by the Adige River on the west and borders Soave on the east. The Valpolicella region, which is 240 kilometers squared, is second only to Chianti in total wine production. Though the true origin of its name is not known, Valpolicella is considered to have been derived…

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    Chiaretto di Bardolino-How Italians do Dry Rosé

    Lesser known, but Bardolino Chiaretto Measures Up Photo Credit: Garda Concierge Beautiful Bardolino is a resort village in the province of Veneto, Italy, approximately 25 kilometers from Verona and on the southeastern shore of Lake Garda.  There are many things to see and do in terms of food, wine and travel in this delightful village.  While highlighting a few, I’ll begin with what Bardolino is known for-it’s Italian dry rosé known as Chiaretto. Chiaretto is a dry, crisp rosé wine, dating back to the 19th Century.  Chiaro, in Italian, denotes a color that is clear, pale or light.  This is the perfect name for Chiaretto, as it has a pale…

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    Authenticity and Passion-Facets of Fattoria Fibbiano

    Quality Wine-making in Terricciola, the City of Wine Photo Credit: Fattoria Fibbiano The ancient Etruscan hillside village of Terricciola is in Italy’s Tuscan region, in the Province of Pisa, about 50 kilometers from Florence, in between Pisa and Volterra. The name Terricciola may be derived from the Latin word ‘terra’ (earth) or ‘turris’(tower), referring to the towers built in the 12th century to defend the village.  Although having a small population of approximately 5000 people, Terricciola is known for its agriculture, art, architecture…and wine.  In fact, it is known as the “City of Wine’ due to its conducive terroir.  The Notte Bianco del Vino is celebrated in July, and in September, Terricciola…

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    Soave-mente, Bacciame! Getting Intimate with Soave

    A Soave Love Story Let’s just cut to the chase–I’m in love with three different Soaves.  What’s worse, is that they are all from the same part of town.  I suppose I have been out playing the vineyards, but I never intended for this to happen.  In order for you to understand my predicament, I should go back to the beginning.  I’ll start by sharing some background about Soave and a little about the characteristics that I found so attractive. Castello Scaligero Soave, which denotes gentle, soft or mild in Italian, is a good place to start.  While it may seem soft or mild, this smooth character gently travels down your…

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