• Emilia Romagna

    Living La Dolce Vita with Bell’agio Rosso Dolce

    Bell’agio: A Sparkly Sweet Sensory Treat  Frederico Fellini’s La Dolce Vita (Film) Bellagio, Lake Como Lombardia, Italy Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas NV It may not be easy to live la dolce vita, or the sweet life, but it is doable. Bell’agio helps in that regard.  But wait-we are not in the renown Las Vegas hotel.  We are not referring to Fellini’s classic film. We are not even in Lake Como, Italy either. Well…not right now anyway. Yet, Bell’agio is right here to help us live the life.  We’re talking about Bell’agio Rosso Dolce. Bell’agio Rosso Dolce is a semi-sparkling or frizzante red wine.  This vino rosso is made from Salamino and Grasparossa,…

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