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    The Wining Hour Summer Wine Down

    Ok, ok. I know it’s been a while. This summer has been chock-full of events (both personal and business), as well as lots of travel. Basically, my summer has been non-stop! Nevertheless, as summer is winding down, I thought it would be a good time to jump back in and share a few Wining Hour highlights with you.  Events & Happenings Great Wines of the World NYC Tasting James’s Suckling’s (NY) Great Wines of the World is a two-day walk-around tasting that affords the opportunity to literally discover and taste some of the best wines in the world! The event features over 35 of the best wine-growing areas and more…

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    Wining and Dining with Bacchus

    Recently, I had the honor of joining The Italian Trade & Investment Agency (ITA), as they hosted Dining with Bacchus. Bacchus is the God of Wine & Pleasure, and this event did not fall short in living up to that name! Dining with Bacchus was a sensational Italian wine & food tasting dinner designed to educate key industry players on Italian wines and their adaptability to various culinary pairings. This event was in conjunction with the recent celebration of World Week of Italian Cuisine (Settimana della Cucina Italiana nel Mondo). The Italian Trade Agency is the Governmental agency that supports the business development of Italian companies abroad and promotes the…

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    Three Wine & Food Pairings with Gusto from Abruzzo #Travel #Wine

    Wine & Food from Italy’s Abruzzo Region  For some, Abruzzo is one of the lesser known and lesser traveled Italian regions.  Abruzzo is located closer to central Italy, just east of Rome (Lazio region) on the Adriatic coast of the peninsula.  The geography of Abruzzo is mountainous, pastoral, and coastal, as it includes the Apennines, many national parks and nature preserves, as well as many beautiful beaches.  While there is so much to uncover, we decided to highlight some of Abruzzo’s delightful food and wine for this month’s Italian Food, Wine and Travel.The cuisine of Abruzzo is unique due to its varied geography.  For example, in the mountainous areas, the…

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