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    A Wining Hour…at Sea!

    There are two things I love: wine and water. I enjoy boating and cruising every chance I get. I also enjoy wine education and wine tasting. When you combine being in, on or near the water and wine…well, that just takes the cake!  While this is something I do regularly, I recently had a very interesting ‘wining (wine-ing) hour at sea.’  A few weeks ago, I boarded a cruise with my favorite company, Norwegian Cruise Line. Norwegian Cruise Line is not just my favorite.  In fact, the World Travel Awards named NCL a leading cruise line for 9 years in a row.  So, while in Europe, I cruised along the…

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    Southern Italian Wines take Center Stage at Radici del Sud

    Showcasing Southern Italy While most people are familiar with the wines of Central Italy and Tuscany (Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino, Super Tuscans, Trebbiano, etc.) and those of Northern Italy (Barolo, Barbaresco, Amarone, etc.), the wines of Southern Italy are lesser known. The fact that Italy has over 500 grape varieties, making it that much more challenging. Yet, winemakers, wine tasters, journalists and many others are doing their part to promote wines of the south.  Radici del Sud is one such organization. Since 2005, Radici del Sud endeavors to shine the spotlight on Southern Italy by featuring wines produced from native grapes in Puglia, Basilicata, Campania, Calabria and Sicily.  Radici del…

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    South American Gems: James Suckling’s Great Wines of the Andes #NYC #winetasting

    Highlights from Great Wines of the Andes, NY Great Wines of the Andes, is another premium wine tasting event wonderfully curated by the trusted wine critic, James Suckling. The wine tasting experience features over 100 of the finest Argentine and Chilean wines, all rated 90 points or higher.  Over 50 wine producers, both big and small, in Argentina and Chile were featured, and participants were able to enjoy live music (Surhan Sidhu), delicious cheese, charcuterie, empanadas and great wine. According to Suckling, “something extraordinary is happening in the Andes.”  He mentions that Chile and Argentina are making some of the most “drinkable wines.”  He thinks highly of Chilean Pinot Noir and…

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    Wine Heaven: James Suckling’s Great Wines of Italy #NYC #Winetasting

    Highlights from Great Wines of Italy, NY Great Wines of Italy is a wine tasting event, organized by James Suckling, that features “114 of the finest wineries Italy has to offer, together with tasting notes on some of their best vintages.”  Each of the featured wines were curated by James Suckling and received ratings of  90 points or higher. Many of the Italian regions were represented, including Tuscany, Piedmont and Sicily.  Additionally, the wines were from producers both big and small, some well-known, some lesser known.  Thus far, for 2016, the Great Wines of Italy wine-tasting event was held in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.       James Suckling…

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    Hooray for Tempranillo Day! #Wine

    Nae to Temperance and Yea to #Tempranillo! The Temperance movement of the 1800’s, which was an effort to prohibit the drinking of alcohol, is long gone!  Today, we can partake of a variety of alcoholic drinks, from rum, gin and whiskey to hard cider, beer and wine-wine like Tempranillo!  In fact, there are days set aside to celebrate many wines.  The second Thursday in November is annually observed as #InternationalTempranilloDay. Tempranillo grapes have been around for many years, possibly since the 17th century. Tempranillo is a black grape variety native to Spain.   Its name is derived from the Spanish “temprano,” which means early, as this grape tend to ripen…

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