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    The Road to Orange Wine in Umbria

    Red, White, Rosé and…Orange Wine Knock knock.  It’s orange.  Orange who? Orange you surprised? Yes. Many have been surprised, not only by my bad joke…but by the fact that Orange Wine is a thing. However, Orange Wines are not a new thing. They have been around for centuries, as in 5000 years or so and originated in Georgia (Eurasia). Orange wines have only recently garnered more attention and circulation in North America. Contrary to what the name may imply, orange wine is not produced by using oranges. Instead, the orange hue results when grapes have remained in contact with skin for a longer period of time–longer than the time required…

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    Another Taste of Umbria: Truffle Roasted Chicken & Hédoné Bianco #travel #Wine

    Continuing on The Road to Umbrian Food & Wine On my recent exploration of the Umbrian region of Italy with the #ItalianFWT group, I made Black Truffle Linguine.  I enjoyed it immensely to the point that I didn’t want my truffle love affair to come to an end. So…it didn’t.  I still had some truffles on hand, so I decided to make Truffle Roasted Chicken and open a bottle of Hédoné. As discussed previously, Umbrian cuisine is characterized by pork, olive oil and truffles.  There are the black truffles, or tartufo neri, which are found around the Norcia and Spoleto areas of Umbria. They have a very distinctive flavor and are…

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    Taste Umbria: Black Truffle Linguine & Montefalco Sagrantino #travel #Wine

    The Road to Umbrian Food & Wine Each region in Italy is unique and has a certain charm.  Umbria provides yet another example of this. Perugia is the regional capital, and the Medieval town of Assisi and the Basilica of St. Francis, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are also located in this region. Umbria is appropriately referred to as the “Green Heart of Italy” due to its central, inland location that is without a coastline or common border.  However, this lush, green, landscaped region resides in a prime location, as it has Tuscany, Marche and Lazio on its list of neighbors.  Umbria is truly right in the heart of…

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    Gusto Umbria: Linguine al’ Tartufo Nero Con Gamberi è Montefalco Sagrantino #Vino #Cibo

    La Strada all’enogastronomia Umbra Ogni regione d’Italia è unico e ha un certo fascino.  Umbria fornisce ancora un altro esempio di questo. Perugia è il capoluogo della regione, e la città medievale di Assisi e la Basilica di St. Francis, che è un patrimonio mondiale dell’UNESCO, si trovano in questa regione. Umbria è propriamente definita come il “cuore verde d’Italia” grazie alla sua posizione centrale, nell’entroterra che è senza un litorale o confine comune. Tuttavia, questa regione lussureggiante, verde e paesaggistica si trova in una posizione privilegiata, come Toscana, Marche e Lazio ha il suo elenco dei vicini.  L’Umbria è veramente proprio nel cuore della penisola a forma di stivale.…

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